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          Cotterman Welding provides certified welding services to a wide variety of industrial and commercial clients, including Power Generation, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Metal Working Industries. Our welders are certified ASME and AWS welders and certified gas line welders. We provide complete industrial contracting services such as pipe fabrication and installation, metal fabrication and installation, rotating machinery installation and repair, Pressure vessel repair and alterations compliant with section IV code. R stamp holder. We also design and fabricate tanks, pressure vessels, heat exchanges and many other process vessels. Feel free to call or email any time for more information.
Certified Welders
  • ASME Section IX,  AWS

  • Carbon, Stainless, Aluminum,

  • Repairs of Vessels, Tanks and Boilers

  • ASME Code Section VIII in the field and in the shop

  • Exotic Alloys including : Inconel, Monel, and Hastelloy

  • Food Service piping

  • Certified structural welding and structural fabrication

  • mobile aluminum welding

  • Stainless steel sanitary tube systems

  • Orbital Welding

Piping and Vessel Fabrcation
  • Field Layout & Installation

  • Welded or Threaded

  • Pipe or Composite

  • Hydro/Pneumatic and ASME compliant NDE Testing

  •  Repairs

  • Passivation services

  • Piping Spool fabrication

  • Pressure vessel design and fabrication

  •  Afterburners

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Fire Heaters

  • High-Temp Gas Filters

Boiler Services
  • 24/7 Availability

  • Troubleshooting, diagnostics, repair

  • ASME & National Board Certified Boiler Repairs

  • Experienced and certified pressure vessel welders

  • Fully equipped service trucks on call

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